ROUX BLOND Grazing Tables

A feast for the eyes!  Our Grazing Tables really command the attention in a room. 

These self-service Grazing Tables are great casual dining option and offers a generous selection for your guests leaving them feeling spoilt for choice.  A much lighter and more elegant presentation, and ideally suited to our relaxed dining culture.  

Our Grazing Tables includes Cheese, Antipasto, Seafood and a decadent Dessert table; all served with condiments and accompaniments. 

Bespoke Grazing Tables can be created and tailored for you, to suit your personal style or to fit with a particular theme or event.  

Grazing Tables

We can set a Grazing Table just about anywhere, to your office, venue or home and look sensational setup indoors or out.

Our team will set your Grazing Table on one of our spectacular custom timber tables, or if preferred we can utilise your own table. Once completed we'll leave the rest to you, returning in a few hours depending on your requirements to pack it all away.  

Additionally, we can provide staff to ensure the table is maintained during the event, or to provide beverage service so you can enjoy the party. 

Grazing Tables

A visual feast, we also cater a Breakfast Grazing Tables that feature favourites including our hot smoked ocean trout salad, pistachio dukkah crusted soft boiled eggs, and our own toasted muesli with Daintree honey and seasonal fruits.  There really is something for everyone with a Grazing Table. 


Grazing Table

All Grazing Tables are set with the appropriate boards, platters, bowls and serving utensils. Additional equipment and styling items including fresh greenery and/or herbs, plates, cutlery, napkins are also available for hire should you require.

Roux Blond can provide all decor and equipment requirements and will be installed by us and your Grazing Table presented as a complete and styled look. 


Grazing Tables

These tables are ideal for larger venues and events where you want to encourage guests to move around, like a gallery tour or team building day. We'll punctuate the event space with various tables, which also double up as the perfect spot to showcase an event theme, and guests can graze at their leisure. 

Grazing Tables

A Grazing Table is a great way to display and serve food at an event, and it's a great way to impress your guests!  You're guaranteed to get a lot of 'oo's and ah's' when these tables are displayed. 

Seating can be more casual with a mix of lounges, ottomans, cafe tables and high bars.  Even picnic style seating with picnic rugs or bean bags fit perfectly for a poolside or outdoor event.