Event Lighting

Lighting design is an integral element in all event arenas including large conferences, small meetings, gala events, product launches, fashion shows and wedding receptions. Creating atmosphere that will set the tone and build anticipation as an event progresses is a key ingredient in Roux Blond events. Lighting controls the atmosphere and feel of the space which is an essential element of your guest's experience. 

Stage Lighting

We know stage lighting is just as important for an awards presentation as it is for a catwalk or entertainment. We can provide stage lighting, design and control for either indoor or outdoor stages. 

Outdoor Lighting

The lighting for an outdoor event is critical not only in the essential requirements but also in setting the atmosphere for your event and part of creating the guest experience. All definable event spaces from the dining area, lounges, entrances and dance floor all have custom lighting solutions. 

Catwalk Lighting

Fashion show lighting and production is all about the designs, the models and the brand. The type of lighting required for a production-based show involving dance, music and high energy is vastly different to that of a couture show that will require a daylight effect to accentuate the designs and the models. 

Wedding Lighting

Our team will help you bring your vision to life. Lighting is a crucial element to set the atmosphere of your event, lighting can be used to define the event spaces and flow from welcome to dinner and dancing.

Venue Lighting

Drawing on our years of experience using smart event lighting solutions, our team will transform any marquee, ballroom or shed into a pretty spectacular event space. Our extensive experience delivering events in some of the most unique and remote locations, have given us a special set of skills which allows us to adapt to individual event and location requirements.