Case Study

As the super yacht was leaving Australian waters with the owner coming on board for Christmas and possibly New Years Eve. Unsure of resources at their destination further north it was decided to make an unscheduled stop over in Cairns to guest and crew provisions. 
On the Sunday evening we had started the process of communication that would result in a provisioning load strategically staggered over six hours and in excess of 4000kg. The brief was for the highest quality organic, free range provisions with the potential to store for up to 14 days. The specifications required portion cutting and packaging in vacuum with some items blast frozen with the final items being live crayfish direct from Tasmania. 
36 hours later provisioning was complete with fresh produce arriving from New Zealand, Tasmania and all corners of mainland Australia, combined with RBK (Roux Blond kitchen) producing fresh pasta, gnocchi, jus and stocks. 


Thank you to the team at Roux Blond for your invaluable support. Although the time frame was short as provisioning in Cairns was a last minute decision. Your product knowledge and quality exceeded all our expectations. Talking with a chef that understood our specific requirements and your in-house products were amazing in quality. I look forward to working with you again on our return to Australia.
Executive Chef - 73M super yacht
I would like to say a big thank you to Darren and the team. Speaking with a chef made our experience in North Qld hassle free. The the organic veal and cherries were a hit with the owner and guests. We look forward to working with you again when we return to Australia with our new vessel.
Executive Chef - 47M super yacht